Learning R Programming for Data Science

Kick start your journey in Data Science by learning R Programming in the comfort of your own home.

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Do you handle mundane tasks in spreadsheets that frequently require data cleansing, formatting, or structuring in different shapes?

Are you bored of repeating the same steps of data manipulation or reports generation that you wish your computer can do it on your behalf?

Are you looking for a simple tool that can do all the work for you repeatedly in a button click?

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SSGB Examiner Android App


  • 400 multiple-choice-based questions.
  • Freedom to select the number of questions to practice every time you run the app.
  • Use a slider or set the number of questions to practice.
  • Unlimited number of test re-takes.
  • Correct answers are highlighted in green. While incorrect ones are highlighted in red. Details supporting the correct answer is provided as the need arises.
  • The questions range from easy to challenging in order to test your knowledge and depth of preparation for the SSGB exam.
  • End the exam and get your score at any time. A bar chart will show you your per-phase-of-DMAIC score.
  • Use of pie charts to show distribution of questions over each of the DMAIC steps.
  • Ability to see your score history as you progress with multiple test runs.

Six Sigma Green Belt Examiner

Harness your study and knowledge in Six Sigma by taking 400-question SSGB tests on Udemy.

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